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Ironic that my buddies brother threw out the first pitch at last night’s Cardinals game and he never played any sports.  Both his brother played college and some minor league ball.  No he did not bounce it, perfect strike. So today is his much anticipated CD release.  Go pick it up when you get the chance, […]

Presidential Cabinet in a TV World

Alright if Sanjay Gupta can go from CNN to the Surgeon General then who else could make the jump form TV to Presidential Cabinet.  Have some fun with this. Here are my choices: Secretary of State : None other than Jimmie Walker “JJ” in “Goodtimes” Department of Treasury: Ben Stein with an asst. Bernard Madoff […]

Hail!! Hail!! Rock N Roll

I went to see Chuck Berry this past Saturday night at the Pageant. He sold it out.   All I can say is I wish I would have seen him years ago.  He can rock that is for sure.  HOWEVER……1.)  it was great to see him and there were some moments that I was really happy to be there.  […]


Umm they suck.  Yes the Ram’s really do suck and show no signs of life.  It is just painful to watch them.  The only reason that I could watch this past weekend was to see how high the score was going to go. Word from the Obama camp is that JK WILL be announced as the new Secretary […]