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2008 Food Review

Mrs. Bone and I did the knife class at Sur la Table.  Highly recommend it for everyone.  (Is DMadsen still in the Chi?)  It got me thinking about food.  I realized that only Vince commented on our best meals/restaurants.  I won’t include the tasting for my wedding because I ate three to four meals in […]


Doing groceries Friday night… yeah, I know it sounds lame.  There are upsides do near to a college campus, as there were a bevy of coeds looking to get sloshed.  Then I saw it… it was beautiful.  I can’t seem to post the pic, so I’ll link to it.  They are in Illini/Bears colors.  Mr. […]

End of an Era

No, I’m not talking about the wedding.  After much badgering from TPep the 1st for many years, I bought this.  It will be an adjustment, but isn’t life?

Holiday Haiku

Holiday Weekend They got me on call Friday and Monday. This sucks!! Big Sunday Wedding In Mokena Illinois Pray for me people