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my 5 seconds on television…

so, jessica called me last night before I headed out to the Explosions in the Sky show with t & bjurk, and said her Dad saw me on the news last night. Hilarious, right? well, I found the clip this morning on the ABC website: Keep an eye out at the 1:11 mark and […]

and the 2014 World Cup host is…

Brazil! exciting!

Bulls Game Tonight?

Hola! I just spoke to Hardman and he is going to the Bulls game this evening vs. the Portland Trailblazers. If anyone is interested in attending the game with him, he has 2 extra tickets and he’s looking for people to go. He asked me to post his e-mail address, so if you are intersted […]

Will Ferrell

My friend Kristy sent me this and I would like to share it: I love Will Ferrell!!