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Eating in Chicago

So Mike and I will be in Chitown in late May – I have a conference on the 27/28 and if Beachwalk is happening the previous weekend we’ll come in early enough for that too. In any event, my birthday is the 26th and we thought we’d use it as an excuse to have a […]

News + Advice

So as some of you probably saw from Facebook, I quit my job on Monday. I’m very excited - I’m going to spend the next 7/8 months focusing on my dissertation before I start clerking in September/October. This leads to the quest for advice. I never owned a mobile phone until I started this job when […]

New Computer

So my laptop died a couple of weeks and it turns out it needs a new motherboard, which makes me really sad… Anyway, because that will cost $1100+, I am now in the market for a new laptop. Any thoughts would be welcome  – I bought my last computer in January 2007 – an HP, which I […]


So now that I only work Monday – Wednesday, the weekend seems to come early (although it isn’t really the weekend until Mike gets home on Friady night.) Anyway, this week has been tough – James has been under the weather with a fever the last two nights – so I’m hoping to catch up […]